It's all about the weather...

As I have gained my qualifications to fly a drone comercially I have learnt many things, Chart Reading, Principles of flight, Airspace Classifications and Fatigue are just a few of the topics taught during the Resource Group ground school.

Each one of the above are important to the sucsessful planning and implementation of every job.

However if it is too windy, or raining then I will not be flying. At this time of the year it appears that almost every day it is either raining or blowing in excess of 30kts, and on some days both!

All tasks start with the preplanning and once this is completed there is often little to do but start watching the weather, hoping to get that perfect window. Finding a weather website that can give any indications out beyond five days can be tricky, my favourite is Metcheck which will give you its best guess at least two weeks ahead, and as the intended date gets closer I will usually transfer over to the Met Office.

Last week I was faced with very tricky situation. I was due to fly in South Wales, and having been thwarted the previous week by winds that were gusting around 12 m/s I was keen not to make another futile journey. I needed very precise localized information.

I turned to Weatherwhiz. Weatherwhiz is a company that provides detailed client specific weather forecasts. The company is run by Libby Greenhalgh, most recently the navigator on board Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race, and previously Libby worked with the RYA supporting the British Sailing Team providing detailed weather analysis for the many venues that the team visited.

The information was invaluable. On Libby's advice the tasking time was moved from the afternoon to the morning. The project was completed, as it turned out just in time, within 15 minutes of packing up it started raining -as predicted!

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